Update:  An informational session will be held by Principal Mackin on October 26, 2020 to address the district's plan to welcome back Pre-K students and students in cluster programs. The session will also cover how CPS plans to phase other students back to school beginning in the second semester for as long as it is safe and pending an assessment of the current public health crisis. To participate in the session please register here. 

Update: CPS has announced its intention to give students in Pre-K and in cluster programs the opportunity to return to in-person learning beginning 11/16/2020.  Beginning the week of 10/19, the district will send an intent form to all families with children in pre-k or cluster programming seeking to understand their desire to return to in-person learning. To ensure that schools are staffed and have adequate time to plan for reopening, it’s important that we know how many families are comfortable sending children back to school. Families will have until October 28 to complete the intent form. Families who choose to continue learning at home will not be able to enroll in in-person learning until the third quarter. Please ensure your school has the most up-to-date contact information for your family to ensure you receive the form. 

Update: CPS has released the Final Reopening Framework for schools this fall.  The model will be full remote learning approach until the end of the first quarter.  More information on how Linne will implement the plan is being shared through informational meetings.  Please check your email for updates. 

Remote Learning: What will learning at home look like?


All Linne students should expect to be learning for the full school day and  will receive live real-time instruction for a minimum of three hours per day. In addition to live instruction, students will also have access to  small group instruction, activities with their classmates, and meaningful individual support from their teacher for the remainder of the school day.  

Preparing to learn at home

To improve at-home learning for students, educators will:


  • Provide consistent live instruction to students.

  • Attend to students’ needs and seek to engage them. 

  • Provide one platform to facilitate student and parent engagement. 

  • Set clear expectations for student attendance.

  • Support teachers to implement best practices that are responsive to student needs. 


These lessons learned reflect our belief that students must engage in rigorous tasks and have engaging academic experiences at home that include a combination of live instruction, small group activities, and independent learning.



Remote learning expectations


Linne school will:

  1. Use the Google Education Suite to facilitate remote learning. 

  2. Provide daily remote learning that meets instructional minutes requirements for all content areas or courses for all students. Ensure all educators are available to provide live video instruction and are synchronously available to students during the entirety of the instructional day.

  3. Focus on grade-level, standards-aligned instruction and students’ social-emotional needs.

  4. Submit and monitor student attendance daily.

  5. Ensure every student has digital access. 

  6. Ensure clear communication with families and students. 

  7. Establish effective structures to facilitate professional development, staff collaboration, planning, feedback, and continuous improvement in the remote environment.

Chromebook Devices

If you are in need of a device such as a Chromebook for your child we would be happy to help.  Chromebooks will be distributed throughout the time Remote Learning is in effect.  If you need a Chromebook you can fill out the following form or stop by the school's entrance #8 between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. to pick up a device. ​  We expect to distribute devices to all children that need it.  Every child should have his/her own device.

Parent Checklist for E-learning Success

As par of our effort to make remote learning accessible to our students, we provide these helpful hints to get started:

Get Internet Access - CPS launched the Chicago Connected Program which grants eligible families free internet service. Please click here to see if you qualify. 


If you don't qualify for Free internet service be sure to contact an internet service provider to get plan rates and set up your service.

Comcast - 1(855) 846-8376         Xfinity - 1(800) 934-6489

AT&T - 1(866) 861-6075               RCN - 1(800) 746-4726

Learn how to navigate your device - If you have a CPS device, instructions for getting started with an iPad, Chromebook or Windows laptop can be found at

Get connected with your teacher - Access your student's CPS account by logging-in or check with your teacher to claim your student's CPS email account at . Your teacher will reach out to students or parents to share the communication tools that will be used to connect with the class.  Teachers have the option to use the following tools:  

-Google Meet to conduct a live video conference with the class

-Google Classroom to post assignments and hold virtual class discussions

-Google Chat to send direct messages or have a group conversation

Familiarize yourself with e-learning tools - Instructions for using Google communication tools as well as enrichment learning resources by grade level can be found at

Attendance Policy

All students are required to attend remote learning classes each day, just as they would during in-person instruction. Not only is this important to make sure students are meeting minimum state learning requirements, but accurate attendance tracking also assists in contact tracing of positive COVID-19 cases so the District can be proactive in minimizing the spread of COVID-19.

Attendance is calculated as present days over membership days. This school year, in accordance with State requirements, all CPS students must meet or exceed 300 daily instructional minutes to maintain full day attendance. Elementary students will have attendance taken once a day by their homeroom teacher. 

If you are unable to log in or due to service interruptions please contact your child's homeroom teacher or call the school's main office at 773-534-5262.  All absence notes should be emailed to Ms. Gina Quintana at amartinez241@cps.eduPlease click here to review Linne's attendance plan during Remote Learning. 

Technical Support

Parent Technical Support Hotline:  773-417-1060

Hours: 7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. on school days




CPS announced the return of Pre-K and cluster programs, does Linne have a cluster program?

No, Linne does not host a Cluster Program.

I'm I obligated to send my child in Pre-K to in-person learning?

No, parents have the option to continue remote learning through quarter 2 and have to declare their intention by 10/28.

What time should my child log in?

All students are expected to log in to their accounts and connect with their teachers via Google Classroom by 8 a.m.

Will attendance be taken?

Yes, attendance will be taken daily at 8 a.m. 

What if my child does not have a device to connect online?

You may pick up a Chromebook device from the school by using entrance #8 between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m.

What if I don't have internet service?

You may qualify for FREE internet service.  To check eligibility please click here.  

Will my child receive grades during Remote Learning?

Yes, regular grades A,B,C,D,F will be issued to all students.

Does my child have to be connected the entire school day?

Students are asked to connect with their teachers via Google Meet during synchronous teaching time.  Asynchronous time is dedicated for independent student work or small groups with the teacher. Contact your child's teacher for a detailed schedule.

What if my child needs materials or workbooks?

A tote bag with all the materials your child needs for a successful start to the school year has been put together for all students. If you are still in need of materials please contact your child's teacher.

Do I have to pay the school fees for my child during remote learning?

No, fees will not be collected during remote learning.

Who should I contact if I have more questions?

You may contact any of the following staff:

Renee Mackin, Principal

Gabriel Parra, Assistant Principal

Gina Quintana, School Clerk