The Chicago Public Schools announced that all schools will be moving into a Remote Learning platform.  Linne school transitioned to Remote Learning on April 13, 2020.  The Remote Learning Plan will be in effect until the Chicago Public Schools reopen.  The plan has been shared with parents and students and can be found here.  The Remote Learning section of this website will be in operation throughout the school closure. 

Students will login to their remote learning sessions using their CPS Google Classroom accounts.  A detail plan of lessons by grade can be found beginning on April 13th on the right column of this webpage.  For the latest Linne School updates on Covid-19 please visit:

All online remote learning sessions will begin at 10 a.m.  Students will login to their remote learning sessions using their CPS Google Classroom accounts.  If your child is not yet part of a Google Classroom please reach out to your child's teacher directly.  For a list of teacher emails click here.  During online remote learning sessions your child will enter their virtual classroom lesson by clicking on the link found on the stream of his/her Google Classroom.  This link will take your child to a Google Meet session where your child's teacher will be conducting a live lesson. Weekly lesson plans will be posted by grade on the right hand side of this webpage. Virtual teacher office hours are 1 p.m. - 2 p.m. Monday - Friday. 




Daily classroom work may be assigned using Google Classroom.  School work will be graded and entered into the Student Gradebook only if it improves a student's grade.  All assignments not completed will be entered as an "incomplete".  Upon reopening of the school, students may be asked to complete all missing assignments. 

Daily Student Engagement Minutes by Grade

Pre-K -  60 minutes

K - 2 -    90 minutes

3 - 5 -   120 minutes

6 - 8 -   180 minutes

Chromebook Devices

If you are in need of a device such as a Chromebook please send an email to with the following information:

  • Your Name

  • Your child's full name

  • Your child's homeroom number (or teacher's name)

  • A phone number where you can be reached during the day

Upon receiving the above information we will send you a link to the Linne School Chromebook Lending Program form.  Upon completion of the form, we will call you and make an appointment for device pick-up.  We expect to distribute devices to all children that need it.  

Parent Checklist for e-Learning Success

As par of our effort to make remote learning accessible to our students, we provide these helpful hints to get started:

Get Internet Access - Be sure to have your internet service activated.  Contact an internet service provider to get plan rates and set up your service:

Comcast - 1(855) 846-8376         Xfinity - 1(800) 934-6489

AT&T - 1(866) 861-6075               RCN - 1(800) 746-4726

Learn how to navigate your device - If you have a CPS device, instructions for getting started with an iPad, Chromebook or Windows laptop can be found at

Get connected with your teacher - Access your student's CPS account by logging-in or check with your teacher to claim your student's CPS email account at . Your teacher will reach out to students or parents to share the communication tools that will be used to connect with the class.  Teachers have the option to use the following tools:  

-Google Meet to conduct a live video conference with the class

-Google Classroom to post assignments and hold virtual class discussions

-Google Chat to send direct messages or have a group conversation

Familiarize yourself with e-learning tools - Instructions for using Google communication tools as well as enrichment learning resources by grade level can be found at

Technical Support

Need additional help?  Starting on April 13, 2020:

Parent Technical Support Hotline:  773-417-1060

Hours: 7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. on school days


Weekly Lesson Plans



Ms. Tomasino, Ms. Alcalde, Ms. Calvo


Ms. Mendez, Ms. Sandoval, Ms. Aguirre, Ms. Flynn

First Grade


Ms. Fenley, Ms. Medina, Ms. Flynn

Second Grade

Ms. Renteria, Ms. Mendez, 

Ms. Negrete

Third Grade


Ms. Garcia, Ms. Nieves, Ms. Rivera

Fourth Grade

Mr. Cardenas, Ms. Brenner

Fifth Grade

Ms. David, Ms. Lukatya, Ms. Kovats

Sixth Grade

Ms. Lenz, Mr. D'Alessandro, Ms. Brockland

Seventh Grade

Ms. Canonaco,  Ms. Nuñez, Coach Dave 

Eighth Grade

Mr. Benetti, Dr. Salgado

Diverse Learners

Ms. Nobbe, Mr. Contreras, Ms. Mcevoy, Ms. Taylor, Ms. Nixon, Mr. Roche, Ms. Wai, Ms. Luna

Enrichment Teachers

Mr. Helbig, Ms. Mahoney, Ms. Scampini, Ms. Tateo

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