The Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) serves as a school advisory group by providing input on Title I programs, developing the school/parent compact and the parent involvement policy.
The Parent Advisory Committee at Linne is comprised of:
  • Chairperson:  Presides over the meetings and works with the administration to create agendas.

  • Co-Chairperson:  Assists the Chairperson with meetings and agendas.

  • Secretary: Takes minutes during the meetings, posts the agendas, and maintains a binder of records

  • Outreach Coordinator:  Public relations for the PAC, motivates and surveys parents, and evaluates events/meetings

Linne School PAC members serve annually and are elected during the annual Title I Organizational PAC meeting. 

2020-2021 PAC Officers (Elected on 10/16/2020)

Sara Paredes, Chairperson

Nathan Bernacchi, Vice-Chairperson

Juana Romero, Secretary

Jessica Steiner, Outreach Coordinator

PAC 2020-2021 Meeting Dates

November 17 @ 9 a.m.  "Stress Relief Strategies"  Presenter:  Dr. Joyce Mojica. Registration Form:

December 15 @ 3 p.m. - "Ready Set Go"  Strategies to support your children during Remote Learning.  Registration Form Here!

January 19 @ TBD - "Digital Citizenship:  Helping Kids Thrive in their Digital World".  Registration Form Here!

February 16 @ TBD - "Math and Science Workshop" Registration Form Here!

March 16 @ TBD - "Raising Confident and Competent Children" Registration Form:  Meeting Link

April 20 @ TBD - "Literacy Workshop" Literacy activities for grades K-8.  Registration Form:  Meeting Link

May 18 @ TBD - "Improving Communication" Speak clearly and constructively & listen accurately and productively. Reg. Form:Coming Soon!

June 16 @ TBD - "Parents on Board" Learn how to support academics.  Registration Form:  Coming soon!

PAC Title I Documentation


PAC Meeting Recordings

November 17, 2020

9 a.m (Virtual)

PAC Meeting

Hosted by: Renee Mackin, Principal

"State of the School Address"

Workshop: Stress Relief Strategies

Dr. Joyce Mojica, PsyD, CADC

Meeting Agenda

Meeting Presentation

October 13, 2020

Title I Annual Informational Meeting

Hosted by: Renee Mackin, Principal

12 p.m. (Virtual)

Meeting Agenda

Meeting Presentation

October 16, 2020

Title I Annual Organizational Meeting

Hosted by: Renee Mackin, Principal

12 p.m. (Virtual)

Meeting Agenda

Meeting Presentation