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For Parents...
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In study after study, researchers discover how important it is for parents to be actively involved in their child’s education.  At Carl Von Linne we encourage and support parents to participate in their child's education, Linne will provide early childhood programs, literacy nights, math involvement, and parent workshops. Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) meetings are held on a monthly basis at a time that is convenient to parents. During our first meeting we will explain the Title 1 requirements and their right to be involved in these programs.  

We offer a number of additional parent involvement opportunities, including our Bilingual Advisory Committee (BAC), Parent Forum meetings, and parent informational meetings.  A flyer is sent home school-wide in both English and Spanish, dates are noted in our newsletter and our marquee.  Local School Council meetings are also a great opportunity to stay informed and be heard.  Monthly meeting dates are posted and communicated through newsletters and school website.  Please be on the lookout for events such as:

High School Palooza

School-wide High School Fair that gives students and parents an opportunity to meet High School recruiters and learn about the different academic programs offered throughout the city.  Please see below for the PowerPoint presentations for 2014-2015 Linne School High School Palooza:

Spanish Dual Language Program Informational Meeting

Parents interested in enrolling their children in the program are encouraged to attend this informational meeting that will address questions and concerns about the program.  The latest research based theories will be shared and parents will have a chance to engage administrators and coordinators in a Q & A session. 

Content Area Nights

Parents and students will tour the school and participate in breakout sessions that will inform parents on the school's academic programs and will provide participants with a repertoire of techniques and strategies to be used with their children while at home. Event nights include literacy night, math night, science night, social science night, tech night, and publishing night.

Teacher/Parent Conference

Twice a year CPS has allocated specific dates for parents to confer with teachers.  Please refer to the school calendar for dates and hours.

School Performances

Students involved in the fine arts programs will have an opportunity to perform in front of parents and friends during several scheduled events that include holiday performance, fine arts week, and school play just to name a few. 

World Cuisine Family Classes

Family Cooking Classes are based on the Cooking Skills and World Cuisine program but modified to empower families’ to lead healthier lives. Families will be taught about healthier ingredients, cooking methods that are healthy and convenient and better ways to meal plan and budget around healthy foods 

Community Counseling Centers of Chicago

Linne partners with this outstanding organization to provide both parents and students one on one support for families and to help access behavioral health, substance use, legal, medical and other services.

Technology Classes

Sponsored by the PAC Interested parents can enroll learn the ins-and-outs of computer hardware and software. Topics include internet safety, word processing, e-mailing, and troubleshooting just to name a few.  Parents will also be trained on using the Parent Portal in order to monitor student grades and establish day to day communication with the child's teacher.

English Classes

Parents looking to learn English may enroll in this class sponsored by the University of Illinois Chicago.  Priority will be given to parents with children in the Head Start program.
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Home of the Lions!
Involvement in your child’s education can mean:

Reading to your child

Checking homework every night

Discussing your children’s progress with teachers

Helping your school to set challenging academic standards
Limiting TV viewing on school nights

Becoming an advocate for better education in your community and state.


it can be as simple as asking your children, “How was school today?” But ask every day. That will send your children the clear message that their schoolwork is important to you and you expect them to learn.
Some parents and families are able to be involved in their child’s education in many ways. Others may only have time for one or two activities. Whatever your level of involvement, do it consistently and stick with it because you will make an important difference in your child’s life.
2014-2015 NCLB Title I Documentation for Public View
PAC Organizational Meeting

 September 24, 2014 
at 4:30 p.m.